Peru Trek 2016

August 12, 2016

Our Peru 2016 arrived back in Arkansas on July 28, after completing another successful and exciting trek to Cusco and surrounding towns and villages.

In Cusco we once again partnered with our good friends in the Cusco Lions Club. During our one day clinic with the Lions, we saw 200 patients! Our three person team from Arkansas could not have accomplished this feat without outstanding support from many volunteers from the Lions Club and Dr. Nathan Henson and his wonderful staff. I especially want to recognize Lion Tito Nunez. For the past two years Lion Tito has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our Lions Club eye clinics. I consider him a friend and an enthusiastic Legend Treks supporter.

Thanks to his enthusiastic support, discussions are underway to create a special relationship between the Cusco club and the Rogers Lions Club. This year we received excellent support from Alcon Corporation. Alcon has generously supported every trek to Peru. They donate all of our medical supplies, including medications and supplies to enable Dr. Henson to perform twenty cataract surgeries. The Lions Club eye glass distribution center in Texas provided over 1,000 eye glasses. Over two hundred Spanish New Testaments were distributed thanks to the support of Gideons International.

God has always provided outstanding team members each year. These team members include volunteers from the United States and Peru. This year I was extremely proud of two members from the United States. This was Brenda Mathis’ first year to participate in an international medical trek. She was a valuable team member as she tirelessly provided expert assessments and teaching. Her energy and optimism inspired patients and all who worked with her. My grand daughter, thirteen year old Emma Hood, was another valuable team member. Emma exhibited maturity beyond her years as she performed each and every tasked assigned to her. She never complained despite some long days in unfamiliar environments. She and Brenda enjoyed a trek to Machu Picchu on July 25.

Our team conducted eye clinics in Cusco, Pisac and Hulloc, a mountain community. In Pisac we partnered with another non-profit charity, Living Heart Peru., led by Sophia, our friend from previous years. Almost 100 patients were seen in Pisac. Another 50 were seen in Hulloc, a community high above Ollantaytambo. All patients received thorough eye exams and appropriate eye glasses. Some were referred to Dr. Henson’s eye clinic in Cusco for cataract surgery and other interventions.

During the past two years Patricia Yabar has been a valuable team member. Patricia is a resident of Cusco. She has worked in every eye clinic as a translator and as a spokesperson in interviews with print and visual media representatives. Patricia is very familiar with Legend Treks’ history and missions and she has been designated Legend Treks’ Country Director in Peru.

Finally, I want to thank Soledad Ocsa. She has provided loyal support for each of our missions and has coordinated all of our Machu Picchu treks.

Our trek to Peru in 2017 will be in June. We currently have four team member positions available. We need you. If you are interested or know someone who would be a good team member, contact me by email at

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