Peru 2013

July 10, 2013

Greetings to All,

Now that a couple of weeks have elapsed since our June trek to Peru ended, I have a few thoughts to offer to the team members and our supporters. When this trek was being planned I had no definite idea who would be able to join the team. A large number of people finally became aware of the mission and its approximate dates. Then individuals began to step forward and volunteer. I was glad to accept anyone bold enough to participate. Some volunteers had never met me or any other team members. Now, that's what I call bold! When the trek came to an end, all team members remarked how well the team worked together. This has been a comment I have heard on every Legend Treks mission. I certainly cannot take credit for this blessing since most team members join for personal reasons not related to me. Over 500 persons from six different villages were screened on this trek. Many received eye glasses and medications and several will receive more complex eye care from Dr. Nathan Henson's clinic in Cusco. Many of the persons we screened had never had an eye exam.

Preliminary plans have been initiated for treks to Peru and Morocco in 2014. These "vision treks" are possible only because you continue to support Legend Treks with your funding and volunteered time. If you have thought about joining a team next year, please let me know. As anyone on the team this year can attest, every team member performs a valuable role in each clinic. On each trek team members are encouraged to take time to visit cultural sites and get to know the people we serve. These side trips can be be very educational and exciting.

I want to give special thanks to this year's team members, Dr. Charles Henry, Sarah Henry, Betty Gene Mann, Mike Webster, Jason Cruse, Anusha Kailasanathan, James Herrera, Paull Herrera and Robbie Nutt. They worked hard and played hard. They really grasped the Legend Treks concept. A great team! I would not hesitate to accompany them anywhere.

Best Regards,
Larry Nutt

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