Peru Trek 2014

April 15, 2014

As I reflect on this year's trek to Peru, I realize how blessed I was and thankful for being given the opportunity to serve on a mission trip with individuals so dedicated to helping others. A deep appreciation goes out to these great friends for their selfless commitment. I would be remorse not to mention the friendship that was built with the Peruvian people as we traveled throughout the Scared Valley to the different villages during the two week trek.

During the two weeks the team traveled to five remote villages providing free eye care to villagers in isolated regions of Peru. Many of these villagers have never received modern eye care, including eye glasses, quality medications and surgical intervention. Some 485 screenings were conducted, with 28 referrals made to see Dr. Nathan Henson (an American Ophthalmologist living in Cusco, Peru) for further medical intervention. In addition, two successful cataract surgeries were performed restoring eye sight to two individuals that have not had sight in over 10 years.

The memories of Peru, its beauty, and the kind and grateful Peruvian's will always be a wonderful memory for me and the other team members. We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to see the wonders of Peru and all its splendid beauty, be given the opportunity to sit around the dinner table at night enjoying Peruvian food and interacting with the people who live there. They not only opened their homes but they opened their hearts and that will always bring a smile to me. They shared more than a meal with us they shared their lives with us for the short time we were there.

God Bless!

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