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We have received letters and photos from parents of each of the nine children who received Legend Treks scholarships for 2010 through the Mali Scholarship Project. Read the letters.

During our stay in Mali back in 2007-2008, my wife, Robbie, and I quickly realized there were severe problems with the Malian public school system. We observed many school-age children in the capital city who were out on the streets during the school day. After asking questions, we were told that even though schooling is compulsory for grades 1-9. In fact, approximately one-half of the children in that age group do not attend school because parents/guardians cannot afford the mandatory school fees, uniforms and supplies. We also observed that during the school year there were weeks that public schools were closed because the government would not provide its share of the schools' operating expenses, including teacher salaries.

Mali is one of the poorest countries on Earth. It faces severe problems in all areas of the general welfare of its citizens, including health care and education. Outside of the cities, health care facilities and schools are rarely seen. Legend Treks established the Mali Scholarship Project to provide full academic scholarships for unschooled children in Bamako, the capital city, and specifically in our old neighborhood, Badalabougou.

Legend Treks first sought out a Malian who would be the best candidate to supervise and administer the project. Mr. Adama Konate was selected to hold this position. Adama is a teacher and is very familiar with the Malian schools, both public and private. Legend Treks asked Adama to assess all available school options in Badalabougou and recommend the highest quality school. His investigation recommended an excellent private school, Ecole La Paix. The expenses for one student, for one school year, 10 months, are as follows: School fees $172. , two uniforms $55., supplies, $55. Additionally, the school will provide three meals a day for three days each week for $110 a year, Adama's salary: $83. Thus, the total cost per child, for one school year is $475.

Legend Treks, will have a goal of 25 scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year. Legend Treks is confident that the children selected will receive an excellent education. The children who meet the academic performance standards established by Legend Treks and the school staff, will receive scholarships for additional years, provided sufficient funds are provided by project donors. Those children who graduate after twelve years of school will be academically equipped to make significant contributions to their families and Malian society.

Persons interested in supporting the Mali Scholarship Project are encouraged to donate any amount of money by using the secure PayPal option found in the web site. Receipts will provided immediately by e-mail. Any size donation is appreciated. Donations from individuals, groups, clubs and businesses are welcomed.

Legend Treks is a non-profit corporation in the State of Arkansas and has applied for 501 (c) status. All donations are tax deductible. "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something."

Best Regards,
Larry Boyd Nutt

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