Peru Trek 2017

August 6, 2017

Greetings to the Legend Treks Family,

I am very pleased to report to you that our 2017 “Vision Trek” to Peru was a resounding success. We averaged 216 patients over three days of eye clinics in three very different locations. On July 8 we once again joined with the Cusco Lions Club to conduct a clinic in their marvelous facility in the center of Cusco. This was our third year to partner with this great Lions Club, once the best in all of Peru. Their hospitality is unmatched. They always treat our team like royalty! They treated the team to a great meal prior to our departure for Machu Picchu. I certainly hope this partnership will continue each year in the future.

The team had a great day at Machu Picchu. Our guide, Darcy, was excellent and all team members reported they were very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. All checked Machu Picchu off their bucket list.

Our second clinic was conducted in Vilque, a thriving community about 45 minutes outside of Puno,at an elevation above 12,000 feet. The team saw 415 patients in one day!

Our final eye clinic was conducted for the Uros tribe which lives on unique floating islands on Lake Titicaca. For several team members this clinic and our overnight stay on the lake were the highlights of the trek.

All team members returned to the States safely. We were blessed with perfect weather and excellent hosts everywhere we served. This was one of the most productive and enjoyable treks I have experienced. Most of the success was due to the support and hard work of many individuals.

Legend Treks was very proud to partner this year with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. The six person Sheep Dog detachment was an important component of the team. I hope this trek was the first of many for the Legend Treks/Sheep Dog partnership.

I must recognize the following team members for their outstanding work and team spirit.

PATRICIA YABAR – Patricia is our Country Director in Peru. This was her third year to be a member of the Legend Treks Team and her first year as Country Director. Patricia’s hard work during the planning phase and during the conduct of the trek was the single biggest reason for the trek’s great success. She accomplished miracles at times when the team reached what first appeared to be insurmountable obstacles. She has great passion for our work in Peru and I hope she never decides to end her participation as long as Legend Treks is working in Peru.

MIKE WEBSTER AND JASON CRUSE – This was the third year for Mike and Jason to be tem members in Peru. Their experience and leadership were critical to the smooth functioning of our eye clinics. They were my “right hand men” and I always have peace of mind when they are present.

BETH MORGAN – This was Beth’s first trek with us, but to observe her you would think it just one of many. Her self confidence and tireless participation encouraged all of us. She was the perfect team member.

JASON AND DULCE SANCHEZ – This couple was an integral part of the team this year. Their passion for our work and their outstanding skills an translators contributed greatly to the smooth operation of each clinic. They seemed to have unlimited energy and positivity. I hope they return to Peru with us next year.

JIM MAIN – Jim’s value to the team increased every day. His humor and his willingness to do any job made him the perfect team mate. His calm manner and positive attitude were a great encouragement for me. Jim, keep your bags packed for the next trek!

RANDY AND KELLEY ROSE – This couple was the first to sign-up for this year’s trek. Their enthusiasm and capacity for hard work encouraged the entire team. They seemed to relish every second of their stay in Peru. Their organization skills increased the effectiveness and efficiency of each eye clinic. Randy and Kelley, I hear Cameroon calling you.

DANNY SHAW – Danny is hard working and unselfish. He works quietly but powerfully. In spite of constant pain, he displayed compassion for the Peruvian people and worked tirelessly to ensure we saw every patient who walked into our clinics and never complained.

FRED LAWLEY AND SCOTT WEST – Fred and Scott were a great pair and were proud to be Sheep Dog participants on this trek. When Scott was under the weather one day and could not accompany the team, Fred volunteered to remain behind to ensure Scott’s well being. Both of these men displayed unfailing support for any task that needed to be done.

AMANDA BULLARD – Amanda was a real “trooper”. From the very beginning she made it clear she was there to work in any capacity. She did just that while working in registration, eye screening and “crowd control”. She became more confident in her Spanish with each new day and her skills at photography will ensure what we did in Peru this year will be always be remembered and preserved. Her consistent enthusiasm encouraged me each day.

This report would not be complete without my recognition of Jim Cook with the District 2E2 Lions Club Eye Glass Recycling Center. Jim never flinches when I send him our eye glass request each year. I surely appreciate his enthusiastic support for Legend Treks. I also must thank Dr. Chad Betts and McDonald Eye Associates for his continued support. I trust that someday soon Dr. Betts will join one our teams to Peru or Africa.

Best Regards,
Larry Boyd Nutt

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