Welcome to Legend Treks

Legend Treks

Welcome to Legend Treks!

We’re all born to serve and that’s the primary mission of Legend Treks. If you’re interested in adventure and service, you’ve come to the right place.

Founded in 2009, Legend Treks is a 501(c)(3) public charity that I was inspired to begin after my year of working and traveling in the West African country of Mali. Today, Legend Treks facilitates international travel for service and adventure in other African countries, as well as in South America. Legend Treks’ primary service activity includes the provision of free eye clinics for the poorest rural communities in exotic, yet isolated locations in countries like Peru, Rwanda, Cameroon, & Mali. Unfortunately, many of these communities have never received modern eye care. We also conduct physical examinations, provide eye glasses, administer quality medications, and will make surgical interventions, when necessary. When you travel with Legend Treks, you participate as an important member of our eye clinic team. Don’t worry- you don’t need any previous health care experience; all you need is passion for adventure and a willingness to help others.

Legend Treks has also founded the Mali Scholarship Project, which currently provides educational scholarships for eight children living in Mali. We are proud to announce that just this year, one of our scholarship recipients completed training at a local nursing school!

Each of our target countries has its own history, rich with mysterious legends, unfamiliar cultural practices, and foreign sights and sounds. Each team member is afforded the opportunity to get up close and personal with these cultures, a delight to encounter for any traveler. Besides the experience of being immersed in another culture, I promise you will have a life changing sense of accomplishment providing medical care and service to the local population.

A typical trek includes 10 days of adventure and service. When you compare the cost of a Legend Treks adventure with the prices charged by for-profit companies, you will quickly discover that our treks are a great value. Additionally, all of your trek expenses are tax deductible! Our next trek will take you to the scared valley in Peru, which will include an adventure exploring Machu Picchu! Tentative dates are scheduled for February and July of 2016.

For more information, contact me at LegendTreks@gmail.com or reach me by phone at 501-743-5963. We are also on Facebook.

Please join our team for an adventure this year. There is so much work to be done! After all, aren’t we all born to serve?

Best Regards
Larry Boyd Nutt
Founder and Fellow Trekker

We have received letters and photos from parents of each of the nine children who received Legend Treks scholarships through the Mali Scholarship Project. Read the letters.

  • Bamako: 8:33PM
  • Casablanca: 9:33PM
  • Cusco: 3:33PM
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