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Good morning from Bangangte.

Legend Treks, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit charity, is conducting the second day of eye clinics in Bagangte. We have already completed two and a half days of eye clinics in Bamendjou. 1,250 citizens were served in the Bamendjou clinics. I anticipate we will serve 800 people in Bagangte. On Thursday, we conduct clinics for the for the people of Bangoulap. On Friday, our team from the United States will depart Cameroon from Yaoundé. We have had 18 team members each day, composed of members from the United States, Cameroon and Peru. We also have a total of five peace corps volunteers in Cameroon who joined our team.

I have been very pleased with the hospitality and support of the U.S. Embassy and the local governments. The local officials and citizens served in the eye clinics have voiced enthusiastic appreciation for the team’s activities. I am very proud of the way the team has represented Legend Treks and the people of the United States. The clinics have clearly demonstrated the importance of a bilateral approach to service in the communities.

I am hopeful the Ambassador will take note of what has been achieved at a very low cost. Approximately 30% of the citizens over the age of 40 have been observed to have cataracts. Sadly, on this campaign, Legend Treks did not have the resources required to perform the simple surgery to reverse the life changing impact of cataracts.

The impact of cataract campaigns compares with the impact of providing clean water for the population. Citizens in the United States take for granted the ready availability of cataract surgery. In Cameroon every citizen will develop cataracts and eventually be blind if they live long enough, unless they receive cataract surgery that can be performed in 15 minutes by a qualified ophthalmologist. Local governments have earnestly and repeatedly requested Legend Treks’ return for the purpose of continued eye screening and the provision of cataract campaigns.

Legend Treks is ready to discuss with the Ambassador the means to access the resources to enable Legend Treks to partner with the Ambassador and local councils in the provision of cataract campaigns in Cameroon in 2018. Our Country Director, Mr. Charlie Wandji (phone 677786114) is waiting for your call. 2018 is almost upon us.


Major L. Boyd Nutt, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

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