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Letters from the hearts of parents. Do not underestimate the power of your gift.

My name is Marietou Konate and my daughter is Salimata Camara. Unfortunately We had this picture when my husband was seriously sick.

We enjoyed the project.In looking at the quality of the school and being unable to afford it even in dream we do appreciate. This project avoided us a huge burden,expenses.When we say help this a real help.Helping people in the domain of education is a true help.We hope that it keeps on.We wish it long live.We appreciated it and we are glad with that. The changes that it brought are peace in mind and relief.The child leaves home for school and comes back safely.It is a real fight against poverty.In this private school there is security and good education.When you look at the child you distinguish her from her fellows.My daughter also liked it. She is very glad to experience a new life.

Thank you, thank you and keep on!
All my best wishes!
Mrs Camara and daughter.

I am Moussa Doumbia and my wife is Fatoumata and our son Alou Badra Doumbia.This project is a good one.It greatly helps us.We cannot pay you.If it continues and it includes many other children like ours is good.And if it keeps on.The child can get well-educated in looking at the good quality of education in Ecole la Paix. We thank and we praise you. The help is as if it takes in charge half of my family expenses for twelve years. Mind that it is a good idea and initiative.We cannot pay you. It has brought a great change because it is a relief for us.No more concern.The life of my son has changed since he started to understand what he is taught moreover he is a little bit different from other children around the area.He speaks a little French from time totime.If the project keeps on it will be great for us as poor peopleThe experience is that it is as if i have got a new job the one of going and coming back in fetching my son.I have become more courageous.

We hope it continues.
Best regards!
Mr Doumbia and family.

My name is Mr Moussa konate and my wife is Korotoumou konate and theson is Issiaka Konate.We want the project to continue.The child has got a good mind then weare free in mind.It' sa very good project and the spirit about helpingpoor people should keep on.In the morning when the child goes toschool until he comes back we are free and relieved.We have peace inmind.If he wasn't going to school, he would be strolling here andthere and making us trouble.We pray it continues so that some other children benefit from it.The change that it brought is our financial freedom.If we had tostruggle to send him to school we wouldn't have anything to eat.Sincehe started going to school i am free and my wife is relieved and wedon't pay anything.After that we have taken the habit to mind thechild and take better care of him in his new situation and help theproject which is helping us a lot.We know that school is fondamental.The one who tells you that i wantto send your child to school for free this one is one of you and hewants your happiness.We want the project to go far ahead and we want God to help those whohelp these children.

See you next time!
Mr Konate and family.

My name is Mrs Ouattara and my daughter is Adja Django Ouattara.Unfortunately her father is no longer living. The project is a good idea we are pleased and it has helped my daughter and prevent her from strolling.We wish that the project continues and those who are waiting can be considered for years coming.May Gold help us and keeps the project on. A lot of changes occured in her life even going to a private and good school.She is learning well.She split with the street to the world of education.It has opened her mind.As parent the project help me financially .We pray for you and for the good continuity of the project. The experience for me resides in this new life for my daughter.The private school is also a very good one and what she has acquired during theses months is a lot. We do endlessly thank you.It's God that will pay you.

My kindest regards!
Mrs Ouattara and daughter.

My name is Mr Modir Lucien,my wife is Mariam Sidibe and our daughterSaran Modir. I am a disabled person and i know how much the project helped us.We wish that this project lasts long and that other poor children benefit from it.It's a great deal because it prevented us from facing such a difficult task when you don't have money like me. The meal it provides at school is also good.Taking care of children in giving them medicines is good ,too.We wish that our daughter keeps on going to school.It's a very good project and we wish it lastslong.It has financially changed our lives looking at the school tools,the uniforms and a very good school.It's a dream.We didn't know such a project before.It's up to us to do our best to encourage the project. We experience a very good watching out of the kid in seeing her off to school everyday.It is tiresome for me with my handicap but i enjoy doing it.I said it was difficult but being able to look after your child is a new deal and it's very important.Our daughter likes her new living condition and she has got the will and courage to attend school. We bless the project.May it keeps on.

Best wishes!
Mr Modir and family

I am Mr Diarra Cheik and my wife is Assetou and our daughter is Fanta Diarra. The project is a very good idea.The help that it provides us with really pleased us and we enjoyed. We think it should continues for we who are poor.We ask you to multiply this action.We also think it's agood mind and good action for the children. My wife and i on the top of Fanta enjoy it.We hope it continues.We cannot pay you for your good mind. We hope our relationship last long.The change is great and we can't say but a little.We were concerned with the education of our daughter but today it is solved.We are anxious now about taking good care of her.The school is also a good and promising one(Ecole de laPaix).We hope you keep on helping people like us.The experience is that since the beginning up to now it gave us many ideas and showed us many things about the project.This project is a one which has got great future with much care and education.As far as our child is concerned we can't say more.We bless the project,the sponsors and the founder and the coordinator.The project gave our daughter an opened mind and we hope a great future for her through it and this in her way of understanding problems and considering people.She has become awaken.We like the way she is taught. Long live to the project!

Mr Diarra and family.

My name is Mr kouyate and my son is Ibrahima Kouyate. His mother is no more living, she left us in loneliness.I am taking care of him alone.We sleep together and wake up.I first of all thank the project then the sponsors and the founder. We will never finish thanking you.The one who guaranties the education of your son for twelve years is magnificent. I can only thank the project until my last day on earth. The school fees are very expensive for me.I thank you today and forever.It's a very good project.The change is that since he has gone to school i got courage to see him off to school.It's really encouraging for me.Ibrahim is still a child and he doesn't understand it now but i do.The experience is that the school is a very good one.The project helped my son to attend a school of a very good quality of education.The children who didn't have chance to be selected be selected and i wish the project continues.I will never end up greeting you.Thank you very much.

Best wishes.
Mr Kouyate and son.

Greetings to Legend Treks,My name is Mr Makan Kone and my wife is Foune Tangara. We are the parents of Seydou Kone. All together, we are waiting for good things from the project such as the continuity , the follow up and the meeting of the different targets of the project set up by our partners. That is to say twelve years later the child gets his (HSD).I wish the project gets greater in taking into account the unschooled persons,orphans, disabled persons to take part in large numbers to the project. We enjoy the project since our district is full of poor persons and is located between two residential areas.It is a good project and we wish it long live.In my child's life , it brought an outstanding change.My child took habit with good manners.It permitted to awake the child who was nostalgic and gave him courage for studies.It permitted us as parents to relieve since in contributing in nothing to the school expenses of the child.It permitted to fight against poverty and exclusion.We are totally satisfied and hope that the child will get the expected level.The experiences are solidarity, mutual help, sacrifice.Then the impression is a total satisfaction about the project.The person who didn't experience the project enjoy it in our neighborhood, in commune 5 and in Bamako.We hope it will profit the child and that he will be big boss in the future and he will also think of helping others at the image of the project.Long live to the project!

Mr Kone and family.

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